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Photo from EuroTour14 blog part 1

EuroTour14 blog part 1

…..a slightly fictional tale from our chief wordsmith, Ed Quayle (who never lets the true facts stand in the way of a good story!) Our 2014 holiday to Germany and Belgium started off with great weather and Nigel & Jo, Dave & Jan and Ed & Q set off for Hull to get the overnight […]

Photo from A snowy ride

A snowy ride

So there I am thinking I am going to enjoy the Easter weekend off from work and get stuck in to some nice relaxing painting and decorating and maybe even clean the windows outside and wash the car BUT NO! Q says she wants to go out for a bike ride in the snow! I […]

Photo from Alternative Riding

Alternative Riding

One of my observations with a lot of GoldWingers has been how many of them struggle with slow riding and i put this down to a number of reasons. The first one is the sheer size and weight of the GoldWing which is obvious; the second was it is mainly a hobby bike for a […]

Photo from The Big Scottish Holiday – Part 2…. England!

The Big Scottish Holiday – Part 2…. England!

by Ed Quayle Really sorry about the delay in getting this second part of the holiday report to you, but there is no Internet allowed in prison anymore!  But now that’s all behind me I can carry on with the story. So we are in the Lake District for part two of the Scotland holiday….. […]

Photo from The Big Scottish Holiday (Part 1)

The Big Scottish Holiday (Part 1)

by Ed Quayle Well, it came to that time of year when it was our big holiday trip and Scotland was the destination for Nigel and Jo, Dave and Elaine, Dave and Jan, Ian and Val, Derek and Barbara and Q and I. It was new tyres for most of us before the trip, so […]

Photo from Slow riding fun day report

Slow riding fun day report

by Ed Quayle I asked club members a while ago if any of them fancied doing a slow riding fun day and explained it would be a chance to build up confidence on your bike and have fun at the same time. Quite a few were interested, which led to some of us meeting at […]

Photo from Chrome and lights time for winter

Chrome and lights time for winter

Having bought our 1800 in 2010, we were really pleased with it – BUT! being a GoldWing it just can’t stay standard for long, so lots of lovely chrome was bought and some of it fitted straight away. But, me being a bloke, I did not read the instructions…. and got it wrong the first […]

Photo from Christmas meal by Ed

Christmas meal by Ed

Christmas! the time of year when you normally eat far too much food with people you don’t like and try to look happy you got another pair of socks. I was happy because our meal was not like that because nobody brought any socks! We had our normal monthly meeting before the meal and that […]

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