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EuroTour14 blog part 1

…..a slightly fictional tale from our chief wordsmith, Ed Quayle (who never lets the true facts stand in the way of a good story!)

Our 2014 holiday to Germany and Belgium started off with great weather and Nigel & Jo, Dave & Jan and Ed & Q set off for Hull to get the overnight ship to Rotterdam. Dave Turvey was hoping to take in the Morris Dancing Championships at Prancealot in Belgium as he had earned a place in the semi-finals in Cornwall earlier this year but we had to see how our agenda went – he is good though and made his own bells.

Reversing the ship

Reversing the ship

We had a lovely smooth crossing and got it quite a bit cheaper this year but part of the deal was we all had to take a turn at the wheel – we done well really as Q faced the wrong way for a while!

Food on board was quite good as well and once we had eaten and Jo had filled her handbag with free bread rolls, cheese slices and butter we were all off to our cabins for the early start the next day.

Our first stop for several nights was Cochem and we had a wonderful ride there – but once we got there the girls were a little disappointed as it was not the Coch-em they expected when they Googled it!

Sepia Cochem

Sepia Cochem

Its a beautiful town but, as you can see, it is very old fashioned and still in Sepia in some places. It is popular with Bikers here so a very pleasant town to be in for a few days. We had a boat trip, went up the chair lift and ate alot of ice cream (it is compulsory in Germany to do so – just ask Nigel).

Ed, Nigel,Jo and Jan walked up to the castle while Dave and Q went on the shuttle bus – too hilly for them! Jan had on the noisiest and brightest Pink shoes I have ever heard – they chuffed like a train each time she put her foot down while walking.

Climbing to Cochem castle

Climbing to Cochem castle

Jo asked her if they are supposed to do that and Jan told her yes, as they are part of her bail conditions to prevent shoplifting (she is doing well with it but she still cannot go into Aldi to shop).

We convinced the girls to take part in a wet T-shirt competition – who do you think is the winner?

Cochem is a lovely town with boats going up and down the river for pleasure and work – we enjoyed a boat trip and in the evening saw the party boat going up and down with music playing and lit up like Nigel & Jo’s Goldwing and it looked great fun.

Wet t-shirt contestants

Wet t-shirt contestants

Our accommodation was lovely but a good 5 minute walk to the hotel itself for breakfast which I have never come across before. At breakfast, Q likes tea really weak and she struggled with the continental stuff, so the following day she asked for “ENGLISH TEA” in her perfect German as she does which is slow and loud but speaking English. You should have seen her face when she got Earl Grey – she was expecting Tetleys!!

Our room overlooked another Hotel opposite and one morning after my 10 mile run I had got out of the shower and had a towel around my waist. I went to the window to look out and let the sun bounce off my 7 pack when I noticed a Nun in the window opposite taking a picture of the building next to ours (as it was full of flowers). I bet she will be in for a shock when she zooms in on that as I will look naked! I have checked Nun monthly but it has not been published yet.

We had four nights in Cochem and I recommend a visit as it is lovely – it has grapes growing at every little bit of space being a large wine region. Picking them looks challenging as some of them are on really steep slopes.

Well four nights was up, we all paid our bills, Jo took her complimentary towel when we left as she always does and Dave took all the little soaps out of the empty rooms.

So it was off to our second Hotel …. would we make it there without incident …. would Ed get hungry …. would Dave need the toilet …. will the Sat Nav get it wrong?!!

Wait and see.


  1. Hmmm, how quickly one forgets all the little details. Can’t wait for part deux (see, I speak foreign!) to see what we did next.

    Comment by Joanna Mackintosh — October 6, 2014 @ 2:32 pm

  2. Mmmmm can’t wait for the next load of porkies 🙂 Mr Story teller

    Comment by Ann Quayle (Q) — October 6, 2014 @ 11:39 pm

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