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EuroTour14 blog part 2

…..a slightly fictional tale from our chief wordsmith, Ed Quayle (who never lets the true facts stand in the way of a good story!)

Well finally here is part two of our holiday story and I am really sorry about the delay but part of my job is I replace the “pings” from the Sonar tracking systems on submarines which are away at sea for a long time and the last one took a little longer than I thought to replace….. you have to get them right as you don’t want a ping to be a pong – that’s not good on a submarine to have a pong.

pay your bill

pay your bill

With Cochem behind us, it was off to Wertheim am Main for 5 nights and there is something nice about travelling to your next destination knowing you’re less than halfway through the holiday and still have a lot of riding to do…. which is what the GoldWings are all about.

We stopped at one of the best cafes I have eaten in. It was called Benno’s, and I recognized a little sticker that was on the counter which our good friend Dave Large had on the back of his GoldWing…. he was with us in spirit.

Mind you, don’t forget to pay your bill – as look what happened to the bike in the photo!

choir welcoming us to the hotel

choir welcoming us to the hotel

Our accommodation, the Hotel Landgasthof Franz, was really nice but it had a church alongside it which liked to use its bells before breakfast time so we were never late getting up.

Just look at this for a welcome to their hotel – you don’t get this in England.

Our breakfasts here were the usual cheeses, cold meats, flies, fruit and – according to Dave – as many bread rolls as you could get up your jumper without being noticed.

Breakfast in a group of you can be a good laugh and sets you up for a good day ahead. They had really nice cutlery here and if you visit Jo and Nigel’s home you will be able to see a sample of it. Come to think of it, they normally have a souvenir of sorts from most places we stay over.

Nigel begging

Nigel begging

Jan wanted to pop along to the local shops to see if the Ann Summers shop was better than back at home but we did warn her the mains plugs would be different if she buys anything electrical. She did make a purchase and Dave says it fits him well and the chains and leather are much better quality than home – that’s German craftsmanship for you.

What is a shame though is just how expensive this place is – this caught Nigel out by surprise which is unusual as he works everything out to the last detail but even he needed petrol money.

Jo and Jan ice cream

Jo and Jan ice cream

The town had lots of lovely ice cream stalls and we done our best to boost the local economy by eating it several times a day ….. no matter how hard you try you never get bored of Snickers ice cream!

We had several meals there as well and a really nice boat trip up the river Main just as torrential rain arrived!

Rough and ready calendar

Rough and ready calendar

The roads round here are great for motorcycling and we had some cracking rides despite the hot weather which followed us for most of the holiday but we did get our fair share of rain as well.

We even found a lovely field of Sunflowers where the girls got their pictures taken – its for the calender they always do called “Rough and Ready”.

Five nights went quickly and it was now off to The Ardennes and for me this was the best ride as we took in some lovely roads. We hit some really good rain on this part of the trip and I will never forget following Nigel into a road through a forest – as we entered, it was if somebody turned the light switch off…. spooky but nice at the same time.

Accommodation was wonderful here with it being an old water mill, fully restored – and that hot shower after the ride was one of the best I had (not had many) …..strange how you can stay in the shower longer when you have paid up front for it.

chatting outside hotel

‘chatting’ outside hotel

There is always something nice about being away with close friends, chatting about the riding, how nice the food was, the weather being so hot and as you can see from this picture the conversation never stopped.



We had a lovely trip out to some caves and it included a boat trip of several hundred meters and although the guided tour was not in English we got the idea of what he was on about.

We visited the famous town of Spa with its well-known race circuit, but decided not to go on it just in case we upset the locals with our great riding.

Jan wanted to visit the nearby Euro Space Center one day and Dave reluctantly agreed to take her – but he found it interesting. He has learned how spacemen had to pee in space and is currently adapting a similar device for the GoldWing so he does not have to stop as much.

Top of chair lift

Top of chair lift

Nigel, Jo, Q and I did not want to go there so we went to a town called Vianden in Luxembourg which had a brilliant chair lift that could even manage to lift 4 GoldWingers! The view from the top was stunning.

GoldWing shop

GoldWing shop

Well, the time finally came to say goodbye to Belgium and so we set off for the ferry in Holland…. and it just so happened there was a GoldWing shop called Vincent’s Winghouse on the way back! It would have been rude not to visit it and the Turvey wallet was duly opened again to get some bits Jan wanted. I managed to resist while Nigel helped himself to the sweets on the counter.

Boat home

Boat home

Another great holiday was done, we were on the boat home to face the wonderful rain at home. The boat is a real treat and Nigel has worked out it is no dearer than a trip down to Dover with overnight stops. There is as much food as you can eat/conceal in your bag and it finishes the holiday off a treat.

If you want to know more about this trip we done please don’t ask me as I had forgotten most of the places we went to and had to ask Nigel “MacCloud” for the information.

All of the write up is true though – despite what you think about me, I can only write the facts. If you are reading this and have never ventured abroad, give it a go – you wont regret it and you will build a memory for the future.

What can go wrong – they speak no English, have weird menus, ride on the wrong side of the road, serve coffee cups you can’t put your finger through…….oh, and its all funny money!!


  1. Fascinating report Ed, it’s been such a long time that I’d forgotten most of what you’ve made-up 😉

    Comment by Joanna Mackintosh — December 17, 2014 @ 9:12 pm

  2. Excellent report, hubby, as usual, some of it is true, and some of it is *porky pies* but it makes me smile 😉
    Look forward to the next one!

    Comment by Ann Quayle (Q) — December 17, 2014 @ 9:58 pm

  3. Thank you for taking the time to write the report. It does remind us of the great time we had this year. Unfortunately, we don’t remember everything quite exactly as you recall it.

    Comment by DaveT — December 17, 2014 @ 11:02 pm

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