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Mid-Wales trip and BBQ

Comfort stop at Bala

Comfort stop at Bala

August Bank Holiday Weekend was time for a nice ride to Mid-Wales, and at the same time Mark and Pam decided to host a tweenie BBQ for those who were on the ride-out.

It was an great idea to combine the two event.

At 10 am on Saturday morning, five bikes met at the Beaufort in somewhat threatening weather to sent off for Bala, Dolgellau and Cefn Coch.

I took the lead with Jan on the back, followed by Derek and Babs, Jed, Dave and Lyn C , with Ian bring up the tail-end charlie position.

Bike Parking

Parking outside Mark and Pam’s house

At this time it was in light rain, which we were hoping would abate before we went too far on the route, as the weather forecast for the day was supposed to be sunny all day.

We came across some very slow moving traffic on the way, even slower than normal bank holiday traffic.

The average speed was somewhat lower than expected but we made it to Bala for a comfort break at the side of the lake only a few minutes behind expected arrival time.

The weather by this time has picked up a bit but was still threatening to rain on us.

We continued on towards Dolgellau, and again came across a slow moving queue traffic. It took some time to pick off the queue of cars, one or two at a time before we passed the cause, a convoy of towed caravans.

We then pulled into the Little Chef just south-west of Dolgellau, for a coffee break.

After this break we headed onwards to Cefn Coch, to the home of Mark and Pam, where we arrived about 30 mins later than scheduled, but not wet as the rain had held off while we were riding.


Sitting in the Conservatory

Mark and Pam made us very welcome and fed us royally with Mark cooking in the garage, for by this time the weather had happened!

Luckily Mark has a large garage and they have a large conservatory in which we were able to sit and enjoy the food and chit-chat, while admiring the superb views from their house.

After a very enjoyable afternoon, we set of back in two groups to make our way home from Cefn Coch, just in time for another heavy down-pour to slow us right down. (Heavy rain and rural roads with cow sh*t all over them do not make for sure-footed riding surfaces).

Fortunately, it quit soon enough and we made it back without further wettings.

A very enjoyable day and excellent food.

Thanks Mark and Pam

Dave T



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  1. Fantastic day out even though it rained. Thanks Mark & Pam

    Comment by Dave Crowley — September 1, 2014 @ 9:22 am

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