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Motorcycle Live 2014

I decided this year to visit the bike show on Tuesday (again) as I was supposed to be meeting up with someone at the show.

I went by bike this year as I had a bit of a shock at the steep rise in the rail ticket price since last year (over 50% dearer).

That perhaps was a BIG mistake.

I woke up nice and early on the Tuesday morning and wrapped up with numerous layers as I knew it was a bit nippy outside. I was not using the GoldWing as there was quite a liberal coating of salt on the road and I was mindful of the potential corrosion issues.

Instead of the GoldWing, I rode my Kawasaki 650 motorcycle, which was now equipped with some decent sized hard panniers, (thanks to Ed for his welding skills). I ensured that I had a suitable change of clothing to walk around the bike show as it is quite uncomfortable trying to walk around for several hours in my winter motorcycle kit.

I left home at 8am and within 20 minutes I was regretting not having more layers to put on.

Despite heated grips and handlebar guards my hands soon were numb and I was beginning to feel the cold in other parts as well.

1st stop was at 40 minutes at Ness Services while I had a welcoming mug of tea which revived my senses a bit and thawed out.

Out came the Froggs Toggs and my Hi-Viz jacket as extra layers while extra gloves were found and put on.



My new pin-up Yamaha MT09 Tracer

I recommenced the journey and soon hit freezing fog at Shrewsbury and Telford, requiring me to slow right down  at one point due to the slow moving traffic around me.

I eventually pulled into Norton Canes Services on the M6 Toll Road, where I again had a thaw out before finishing the journey to the bike show.

It is a couple of years since I used the bike to attend the show and the organisers had completely changed where the free bike park was at the venue, but despite their best efforts I found it and was soon parked up and changed into more suitable clothes for walking around.

The show was quite enjoyable and I was able to look at and sit on the new bikes which the motorcycle press had whetted my appetite with.

I found one new motorcycle that I will keep an eye on for decent second-hand prices.  – The new Yamaha MT09-Tracer.

Red and black 1800

New colours for teh 40th Anniversary Model

I did have a sit on the new 1800 GoldWing 40th Anniversary model in the Red and Black paint. It was not quite my cup of tea with the new colours,  but no doubt people think the same about my own GoldWing

For once I left the show without spending any money on bits and pieces, though I had a carrier bag full of brochures from the manufacturers to salivate over.

The journey home was a bit warmer as the sun had managed to break through the fog and mist and had warmed up the air quite nicely.

All in all, an enjoyable though bl**dy cold day. I have asked Jan to remind me how cold I was this year if I consider using the bike next year to visit the show.

Dave T

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  1. Jed & i went on the Friday with our wings and were not cold!

    Comment by Ian — December 7, 2014 @ 11:30 am

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